“The Brain, The Young people, The Education and The Future”.

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Our Philosophy

All our Classrooms are Smart Classrooms that enables to take up each class as a collaborative continuous innovation, trying to understand, trying to ensure that all the students achieve at very very high level. At Bodhi International School, we ensure the best possible teacher practice to the child by two level approval system for every classroom teaching. Our teachers are the one who facilitate to create and to do the knowledge work together with the children. At Bodhi International School, we aim at high competent teachers, by continues reinforcements of teacher education at regular intervals and knowledge sharing within the teachers and the industrial experts. Teachers here are focused at research based teaching. Our teachers just not teach the child, they create a lesson plan which will be approved by the research and development department with a quick feedback system with the teacher.

Our primary child education system will focus on motivation towards the education with high-educated quality children. Our teachers start classes with warm up or cool down sections with various speech's and. topics. Thereby engaging lively, interesting & fun but also very academically demanding. Our real-time and current affairs method of teaching will enable the child a better understanding of the subject with more cognitive development.

Our research team continuously monitor the classroom activity and focus on the development and the progress that has to be modified. The stage is open to the R&D department who can pop into any classroom and watch the activities.

At Bodhi International School, we make sure 60% student work time while compared to 40% teacher talk time in the classroom. The objective of this is to facilitate the student how to think and actively engage in their learning. So our teachers experience a great deal of classroom experience and great deal of coaching on how to become a better teacher and a clear understanding about what in fact is a good teaching.

At Bodhi International School, we make sure with abundant teaching staff so that each teacher just teach 3-4 hours a day in the classroom and the rest 4-5 hours in research about the improved teaching methodologies. This makes our Bodhians a better individual than anyone else.


Bodhi International School, Sakthi nagar, Azhagapuri Bus stop, Madurai - Thondi main road, Kollangudi Kalaiyarkovil town, Sivaganga - 630556.


Email: bodhischoolsvga@gmail.com

Phone: +91 96 0000 1939