"We make sure broad citizenship for every Bodhians.”

Our Innovation

At Bodhi International School, Value Competent education with a strong sense of analytical skill is important. We offer the same system for the pupils no matter what the child's capability is, so the child get the same similar education.We are more concerned about what we want our young Bodhians to be after their education

At Bodhi International School, The board directors, The principal, and The Teachers have all understood that, this is actually the only resource we have for the future which has to be taken care off. So these people all aim the same goal to provide the children with the type of education that is making our child to compete the work on the international market.

How do you start understanding about a Nation's education system?

Some people start with the rules, policies, some with the curriculum. But at Bodhi International School, we prefer to start with the student and understand their perspectives, and then go into classrooms. Real life experiences, thoughtful concepts and the child's thought integrated is the differences in Bodhi International School.


Bodhi International School, Sakthi nagar, Azhagapuri Bus stop, Madurai - Thondi main road, Kollangudi Kalaiyarkovil town, Sivaganga - 630556.


Email: bodhischoolsvga@gmail.com

Phone: +91 96 0000 1939