Bodhi core feautures

CBSE Curriculum

Yet in Finland Teaching Style

About Campus

Air Conditioned Classrooms Wifi Campus, Smart Classrooms, Staff Student ratio of 1:15, Qualified Experience Staff

Gen-Next School

The Gen-Next School Focus on World Language development on all kids

Transport Facility

Safe and Secured Transport Facility


Olympics Focused Outdoor Games, Indoor Game.

Special Programs

Robotics, Abacus, Music, Dance, Skating, Special design imported Indoor play area for Kindergartens

Bodhi focus on these ....

01. Students growth

We focus on learn to think than learn to repeat. Actively engage in their learning how to think, to understand the reasons behind things and find solutions by giving practical examples and fun activity sessions which helps to bring out their creativity.

02. Best learning practice

BIS is a place where sustain research and development on continuous learning and teaching to create and develop a fully world class education system.

03. Focus on targets

Every child deserves a bright future. We believe children should have the opportunity to reach their target. We strongly determine what our children want and once we understand their goals we will utilize their passions and make them to achieve it.

04. Interdisciplinary model

The research team gathers all the advanced fundamentals understanding techniques, theories and concepts from different areas and are combined to solve the problems whose solutions are beyond the scope of a single discipline. What is considered interdisciplinary today might be considered disciplinary tomorrow.