Bodhi International School
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This is a school where students, start school with more insight, interacts with the curriculum and the reality, enjoy holistic developmental approach, spend less time with theories and practice more on practicality.

This is a school where teachers are respected professionals, quickly receive tenure, have a strong sense of responsibility for the children.

This is a school which research and adopt new technologies, have no achievement gap and leave no child behind. This is a place we make win-win situation in all the measures.

We welcome you to be the part of our family to experience the whole world of education system at Bodhi International School.


Taken as a whole, India should become #1 in the world- in education, citizenship and the quality of the society.


No child should left behind, so at Bodhi International School we ensure every child gets a chance to explore, to experiment, to create new knowledge and new information.

Our Programme

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Primary Years Programme

The Early Years Programme teaches students the skills and knowledge they need to be active thinkers, learners, listeners, communicators and collaborators.

Middle Years Programme

The Middle Years Programme encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world; it is inclusive by design.

Senior Years Programme

The Senior Years Programme is a Revolutionary program to achieve great success in JEE & NEET.

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We will provide the perfect education for your child every day

“Education is to be for something that may be for its own sake to develop curiosity, to develop imagination and to develop social bonding.”


Bodhi International School, Sakthi nagar, Azhagapuri Bus stop, Madurai - Thondi main road, Kollangudi Kalaiyarkovil town, Sivaganga - 630556.



Phone: +91 96 0000 1939